“The world needs more love at first sights” right?


What do you think?


8 thoughts on ““The world needs more love at first sights” right?”

      1. I dunno actually, I think its hard to fall in love that way now a days I mean people judge you before they even know you, but I believe its not impossible. Any way of falling in love is special most of the time you can’t even choose how so my answer would be not particularly , what about you?


      2. I know. I feel you. People are different now. Unlike before where you could fall inlove with someone and actually have the chance to be together. Im not sure yet. Maybe i still believe in love at first sights, maybe i dont. Did i make any sense hahaha


      3. yeah you did, if you don’t mind asking… do you want one for yourself? I think theyre a good thing I am sure they still happen 🙂 don’t give up hope!! 😀


  1. Lust at first sight, perchance.

    But attraction & attachment are essential in the equation of Love.

    Unfortunately these are by scientific measures thirty-four minutes in the making. And never a guarantee.


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